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The Dunedin Thunder ice hockey team was created in 2008 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since September 2016 a new leadership culture has been set-up to promote and develop local players in priority. The vision of the Dunedin Thunder as an organisation is to develop young leaders by teaching them the foundations of high performance. 90% of the Dunedin Thunder's players are students from Otago University based in Dunedin. The Dunedin Thunder is run by a talented and dedicated team of 10 volunteers, sharing the same vision and values for the team.


General Manager: Alexis Robin
Team Manager: Sharon Darling
Assistant Team Manager: Graeme Darling
Equipment Manager: Pete Hurring
Treasurer: Graeme Darling
Media/Marketing: Megan Kliegl
Event Manager: Christine Orr
Assistant Event Manager: Jodie Lewis
Merchandising Manager: Janine Hurring

Head Coach: Jeff Avery
Assistant Coaches: Travis Gibbons & Andreas Stenling
Goalie Coach: Lyndal Heineman
High Performance Director: Carl Bombardier
Fitness & Conditioning Coach:Jawad Al-Attar
Video Analyst: Charles Plaisir

Medic: Dr. Conor Cosgrove
Physio: Rosie Harris
Physio: Morgan Rowan
Nutritionist: Carl Bombardier

Captain: Paris Heyd
Assistant Captains: Dylan Devlin, Brandon Egli, Benjamin Gavoille


Carl Bombardier (CAN)
Brandon Egli (CAN)
Charles Plaisir (CAN)
Jonne Wälkky (FIN)

Shaun Brown (Canterbury)
Evan Froger (Auckland)
Seamus Leahy (Dunedin)
Gareth Lloyd (Queenstown)


Grand Finals 2013 & 2014


Paris Heyd (Captain), Benjamin Gavoille (Assistant Captain), Shaun Brown, Tristan Darling, Jacob Hurring, Liam Kinney, Liam Kinraid, Seamus Leahy, Gareth Lloyd, Padraig MacKenzie, Joe Orr, Charles Plaisir

Dylan Devlin (Assistant Captain), Brandon Egli (Assistant Captain), Felipe Aguirre-Landshoeft, Carl Bombardier, George Hopkins, Max Hurring, Noah Leahy, Benedict Roth, Jonne Wälkky, Regan Wilson

Kane Easterbrook, Evan Froger, Toby Schuck

Sam Audas, Charlie Lilly

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